How LOSTPROOF was born

LOSTPROOF is the result of an original idea of ​​the company owner’s son, Erik. It occurred to him when he was 12 years old (2016), as he was worried about any possible accidental breakages or losses of his first mobile phone. 

After an exhaustive study of the international market, we could verify that there is no similar solution, so simple and effective at the same time.

Multiple prototypes were made for LOSTPROOF and it has been submitted to long and meticulous resistance tests, aiming to create a useful accessory, easy to handle, resistant and affordable.

The final product, LOSTPROOF, is protected as a registered trademark and patented on behalf of our company BOGMAR CANARIAS S.L.

Our company was founded in the year 2000 in Spain, and since its beginnings it has been involved in the business of importing and distributing, internationally, consumer products with own brands manufactured exclusively for us. 

Therefore, we have an invaluable experience in the international retail trade of consumer products throughdifferent channels.

LOSTPROOF is a product designed and assembled in the US.

We guarantee:

High quality products

The best customer service

30 day money back guarantee

Our team:

We have qualified personnel at a technical and commercial level dedicated exclusively to obtain the highest satisfaction of our customers.

Our team is highly qualified and trained for the tasks it develops:

Product designer




Behind a quality product, is our Human Capital, a multidisciplinary team that works for and for the client, with a spirit and eagerness for service, which characterizes without any doubt, our activity.


Christina (mother of two children of 10 and 12 years old)
... I still remember the past 12th of January, the absolute helplessness when my 12-year-old son returned home crying, because he had lost his cell phone that his grandfather had given him for Christmas, he had it in his pants’ pocket and simply playing in the park it fell without he realizing it, we have never recovered it, an iPhone X ... now my two children do not leave the house without LOSTPROOF, I love the security that this accessory provides ...

Jan (26 years old, salesman of a food company)
... in my daily work I visit my clients, always answering calls, it has happened more than 100 times, leaving my mobile on the client's office, in a taxi, in a restaurant, ... with LOSTPROOF, it has never happened again, I always use it, in my work and in my spare time doing sports, it gives me the feeling of comfort and safety, a reliable and a high quality accessory...

Carlos (76 years old, retired)
... well, what do you want me to tell you, my memory is not the same as it used to be, I always need to have my mobile phone with me and LOSTPROOF guarantees it ...

 Oscar (46 years old, technical architect)
... most of my work was spent building and doing civil works, until now I was always checking my pockets to see if my phone still was there, now with LOSTPROOF I know that my mobile is always with me well protected ....